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Welcome to Access Adventure Travel - the specialists in instructional adventure tours. If you're looking for a vacation that provides a huge sense of personal achievement while still being fun, exciting and rewarding, we suggest you check out our wide range of tours. We coined the term "instructional adventure tour" to describe our unique style of travel because as far as we know, we are the only company in the world to specialize in offering such trips! Instructional adventure tours offer the best of both worlds - expert instruction to help you develop and improve in your favorite pastime (or, if you're a beginner, to help you learn a new pastime correctly from the start), and varied and exciting itineraries to give you a unique and memorable travel experience. Our tours are the perfect mix of a high quality instructional course and an exciting adventure vacation and you'll find there's nothing more satisfying than challenging yourself and reaching new heights in your favorite pastime, while also enjoying a unique and authentic travel experience. Our instructional tours encourage you to develop your potential in a relaxed and non-intimidating setting, regardless of your ability level, and reward you with carefully selected accommodation, delicious food, incredible scenery and unique cultural experiences.

We offer trips in all continents except Antarctica and we currently specialize in snowboarding, skiing, surfing, mountain biking, culinary and multisport tours. Our instructors are among the best in the world; we select them not only for their talent and experience (many are professional and competitive athletes) but also for their great personalities and their passion for coaching. Our tours attract men and women of all abilities and ages and, thanks to the fact that all clients have a common interest, our trips tend to be fantastic social experiences in addition to great instructional trips.